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A different way to knit a hat

Found this pattern somewhere on the internet. Unfortunately I don’t remember where. But it was quite easy knitting. All it is is short rows, which I think are not difficult at all. A bit more challenging was the invisible stitch to knit the two sides/ends together. (and the pics are somewhat in the wrong order…) […]


I must confess I had to look it up. I had read about ‘frogging’ on knitting and crocheting sites, so I did have a suspicion 🙂 My first toe-up sock is frogged 😩 It wasn’t the knitting itself, just that they turned out too big… (I used the wrong needles đŸ˜„ ) It was a […]

My first toe-up sock

After having finished the nth pair of socks, I was ready for something new: I wanted to try the toe-up sock-knitting method! I found an online video tutorial explaining the procedure very well: Tutorial It’s in german, but if you look in the sidebar, there’s an english version as well. I really like her blog […]

Been knitting quite a bit lately

I quite dislike to sit at my sewing machine when it’s beautiful weather outside. It’s much easier to take a sock into the sun and knit, than a sewing project. Meanwhile, the chili-chocolate socks for my daughter are finished. It’s a simple sock pattern: 68 stitches for size 39/40. The body is 3 knit and […]

April im Juni

Im April hatten wir wunderschönes Wetter, Sonnenschein satt. Jetzt im Juni haben wir Aprilwetter. Regen – Sonne – Regen im konstanten Wechsel. Gerne auch mehrmals tĂ€glich 😩 Und weil es draussen fĂŒr die Jahreszeit definitiv zu kĂŒhl ist, hab ich meine Sockenwolle wieder hervorgekramt und erst mal ein paar Herrensocken fertiggestrickt (endlich) Eigentlich wollte ich […]


Hab ich grade beim surfen entdeckt: urban knitting! Also, wer noch zeit und lust hat: umgarnt eure bÀume =) Ideal zum resteverwerten!


Im Winter hatte ich eine nĂ€hflaute. Stattdessen hab ich viel gestrickt. Auslöser war wohl unser dienstĂ€glicher stricktreff bei den Förderfeen. Erst waren es viele socken, spĂ€ter kamen dann noch mĂŒtzen dazu.