Monthly Archives: April 2012

More UFOs

I knew there were more UFOs hiding in my room. Here’s one of them. I had even started quilting. So there’s not some much more to be done 🙂 And another one! Some time (years?) ago I was fascinated by these caleidoscope quilts. It’s quite a lot of work, but really fun. This is the […]

Floating Blocks II

The quilt top is done:

Floating Blocks

Zapping through the web can be very dangerous. On one of my favourite pages – Oh Fransson – I found a quilt with floating blocks. This is my first floating block: UPDATE: I’ve finished the blocks for one side. Went out to shop for background fabric today. I didn’t really have my hopes very high, […]


UFOs (UnFinished Objects) have been sighted. They were successfully attacked and eliminated. 1. A red UFO. The fabric squares are from a block-swap in late 2010. Most of the ‘swappers’ are in Germany, one or two in Switzerland. The top was finished in the summer of last year and then sat in a corner for […]

Green Grass with lots of Flowers

Last year, during my visit to Munich in may, I saw a quilt in a patchwork store. I really liked it and decided to buy the materials then and there. 2 jelly rolls in greens and one in reds. That’s also what it said in the magazin where the making pf the quilt was described. […]