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How to recycle old books

How To Do Stuff: How To Make a Secret Hollow Book:. You can use this method to cut whichever form into the pages of an old book. Had been looking for a tutorial for a while now. There are so many interesting things one can make from books 🙂 Advertisements

Laura’s Loop at the Purl bee

Oh my! Just found another scarf/loop to add to my already rather long to-do list 😉 Laura’s Loop

Paper Bag

How to make a paper bag. Perfect for making personal gift bags. Or just storage bags. I’ve made a couple to store some of my yarn.

A glimpse of the sky

Upcycling an older dresser

It doesn’t look like, but it definitely feels like spring. When your fingertips are itching to refurnish the living room or any other room 🙂 I decided to throw out a dresser in a childs room because it was falling apart. On its way out I took a closer look at it. Some colourful knobs […]

A walk on the fjord

Even though it is the end of march, it is still possible to take a trip ON the fjord. The ice has to be at least 15cm thick before it is safe to walk on it. The strangest thing we saw was a father on a bicycle with a trailer including child. The usual sight […]

Wonderful smoothies to keep in mind for summer

Chocolate Strawberry Banana Shake. Dessert-Approved..