Been knitting quite a bit lately

I quite dislike to sit at my sewing machine when it’s beautiful weather outside. It’s much easier to take a sock into the sun and knit, than a sewing project. Meanwhile, the chili-chocolate socks for my daughter are finished.

It’s a simple sock pattern: 68 stitches for size 39/40. The body is 3 knit and 1 purl (3m rechts, 1m links), your favorite heel and you’re done.

Even gave crocheting a try. Turned out really nice. It’s a drops pattern. I used one more skein than stated in the pattern. Mainly due to the fact that i needed to unravel 2 skeins to break them down into their different colours to make the granny squares. And it’s a bit bigger too. About 1,20m in DIAMETER, not 1,50m circumference. But it’s not a problem, goes easily 3 times round my neck. After having made several cowls I’m really hoping for a cold winter…




One comment

  1. Linda Reventlow Midtlyng · · Reply

    Love this granny shawl you made. Saw it on Ravelry.

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