How To Do Stuff: How To Make a Secret Hollow Book:. You can use this method to cut whichever form into the pages of an old book. Had been looking for a tutorial for a while now. There are so many interesting things one can make from books

Oh my! Just found another scarf/loop to add to my already rather long to-do list😉 Laura’s Loop

How to make a paper bag. Perfect for making personal gift bags. Or just storage bags. I’ve made a couple to store some of my yarn.

Norge Bag

On tuesday I finally got my copy of the Taschenspieler cd von Farbenmix. Of course I had to try some of the quick-n-easy patterns. Started off with the pencil case. Had a bit of trouble transferring the marks and it turned out a bit… weird. But it doesn’t really matter. It’s fine for me. And […]


It doesn’t look like, but it definitely feels like spring. When your fingertips are itching to refurnish the living room or any other room I decided to throw out a dresser in a childs room because it was falling apart. On its way out I took a closer look at it. Some colourful knobs might […]

2013-03-28 15.38.11

Even though it is the end of march, it is still possible to take a trip ON the fjord. The ice has to be at least 15cm thick before it is safe to walk on it. The strangest thing we saw was a father on a bicycle with a trailer including child. The usual sight […]


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