Monthly Archives: August 2012

My first toe-up sock

After having finished the nth pair of socks, I was ready for something new: I wanted to try the toe-up sock-knitting method! I found an online video tutorial explaining the procedure very well: Tutorial It’s in german, but if you look in the sidebar, there’s an english version as well. I really like her blog […]


…this lovely rose in my garden. Just had to save it from the pouring rain!

Been knitting quite a bit lately

I quite dislike to sit at my sewing machine when it’s beautiful weather outside. It’s much easier to take a sock into the sun and knit, than a sewing project. Meanwhile, the chili-chocolate socks for my daughter are finished. It’s a simple sock pattern: 68 stitches for size 39/40. The body is 3 knit and […]

Because of the rain today

Finally I get to make some baby- and toddler quilts. There has been one new baby in the family with one more to come next month. Both new babies have an older sibling, So there will be 2 quilts for each family 🙂 The first top is already done, just waiting to finish the back. […]

And finally…

…we’ve got our own!!!

Back to School

Good Morning! First day of school for the majority of schoolchildren in Norway. It’s not easy to find back to school-day-routines, but it went better than expected. Probably because the kids were starting to get really bored at home!   🙂