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Found this pattern somewhere on the internet. Unfortunately I don’t remember where. But it was quite easy knitting. All it is is short rows, which I think are not difficult at all. A bit more challenging was the invisible stitch to knit the two sides/ends together. (and the pics are somewhat in the wrong order…)

Fluted Cowl – the Purl Bee Just added to my to-do list 😉

Ein Beweisfoto für Ingrid: Frau Zauberwiese schickt problemlos nach Norwegen. Mein problem ist jetzt, dass ich zwar wunderschöne ungesponnene wolle habe, aber kein spinnrad… Und bis weihnachten sind es noch ein paar tage. Vielleicht hat der weihnachtsmann ja ein einsehen, und verlegt weihnachten auf meinen geburtstag =)

Generationenfreundlich? Zertifizierter Karton?

Our teacher is acquainted with a sheep shearer. The wool she brought us on monday had warmed a sheep until the weekend before. It turned out to be from a sheep with curly/zigzag wool!   Before carding After carding Waiting to be spun (not the best picture I’ve taken…) Spinnig the carded wool into thread […]

Some time ago the idea of spinning my own wool had caught my attention. I even found a place which held a course. As I learned afterwards, for the first time since 2002! We started on 22. october and it was fascinating. 5 ‘girls’ hooked on wool! The first day we tried to turn unwashed, […]