Upcycling an older dresser

It doesn’t look like, but it definitely feels like spring. When your fingertips are itching to refurnish the living room or any other room 🙂 I decided to throw out a dresser in a childs room because it was falling apart. On its way out I took a closer look at it. Some colourful knobs might be a nice idea… Decided to take it apart and see if it could be saved. It could. And while it was laying there in its pieces, I thought that a touch of paint wouldn’t hurt. Diving down into the paint-leftovers I did find some white. I sanded it down outside, taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Gave it 2 coats of paint and lacquered the top 3 times to make it a bit more scratch proof. Fastened the new handles/knobs and voilà: a beautiful ‘new’ dresser. Did I mention that I had to fasten almost every single screw in the dresser? No wonder I had the impression it was falling apart…





Also very useful as a table:


Now it’s the pride of my sewing room. And yes, it is almost full 😦



  1. yourothermotherhere · · Reply

    I’ve never seen a dresser with different pulls on it before and such cool ones at that…!

    1. Thank you 🙂

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