UFOs (UnFinished Objects) have been sighted. They were successfully attacked and eliminated.

1. A red UFO. The fabric squares are from a block-swap in late 2010. Most of the ‘swappers’ are in Germany, one or two in Switzerland.
The top was finished in the summer of last year and then sat in a corner for quilting…
Because I wanted to continue another project, I thought it might be a good idea to finish this one first. Was lacking a couple of colours for the new one anyway…
And this is what it looks like:




2. My second UFO has been lying in a box since may 2011. I started on it briefly just to see how easy the blocks were, then put it away ’cause I was doing something else at that time (see above under point 1).
During easter, the weather not being the best, I pulled the box out and stuck the finished blocks to my ‘design wall’. And started making more blocks, just to find out that I didn’t have enough greens… (see previous post). Of course all of my favourite patchwork stores were closed!
A bit frustrated I then turned to UFO 1 🙂
In the meantime I was able to get hold of more green fabric and finished the top and sandwiched it. Now it’s in for handquilting, which goes surprisingly fast.



I guess if I’d go diggin’ I’d find some more…

Unfortunately I already have my eyes on a new project: Beautiful Blue


One comment

  1. They both look terrific. Congratulations on finishing two UFOs – hoping I can complete a few of mine in the near future. Of course, that means I should be sewing now instead of looking at everyone else’s wonderful creations 😦 there’s always tomorrow!!

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