New York…

… here I come!

Ever since I booked my flight in june, I couldn’t wait for november to come. Finally the big day was here: nov. 22nd!

Just a few days before departure I found out that I only had 35 minutes to change planes in Düsseldorf  oO. And of course we started off with a delay in Gardermoen… But thank goodness there were several passengers on that flight who wanted to reach the New York bound plane… no worries. In fact, reaching the gate, boarding had not yet been complete, so nobody had to wait for us 🙂

Without any further incidents I arrived in New York where my baby sister was already waiting for me. She had arrived an hour earlier. Together we took the train to Manhatten and checked in at our hotel. As it was still only late afternoon we decided to go for a walk to Times Square… in pouring rain! And I am not used to other people using umbrellas, only rarely seen in Norway. So I really had to look out for those weapons. Of course we did our first shopping too…

Next day it had stopped raining, but all the skyscrapers were covered by a blanket! Ideal for more shopping and some ground-level sightseeing.

Thanksgiving dawned with beautiful weather and it was getting warmer. We watched Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade for some time, but I must say, the police watching the people beyond the barriers, were just as intresting to watch. A flirt here and there, the sudden appearance (and disappearance) of armed military and – the best – a lady asking one of the policemen if he would go all the way to the front and take a picture of Snoopy… Yes he did 🙂

Despite the fact that it was a public holiday, most stores were open and already having great black-friday deals. Seemed to me that it’s been expanded to a black-friday week. And yes, it was crowded!!!

I had heard a lot of stories about black-friday shopping: stores opening a midnight, people camping outside the doors to be the first grabbing a good offer (okay, I’ve seen that here too…), crowds inside the stores, department stores holding open for 24h… And yes, we did see lines in front of stores, but not as long as we had expected. Maybe we just didn’t wait long enough :/ But still – it is an event one must have seen!!!

Of course I also had to visit Purl Soho. A really nice store, full of everything the sewer/knitter/stitcher needs. I couldn’t withstand the yarn: a skein (or two) of wonderful green merino wool hopped into my arms! Haven’t decided yet what it shall become.

The rest of the days in New York were filled with sightseeing and – who would suspect – more shopping. The weather was very nice, sunny and springlike. But suddenly it was time to fly home again. This time together to Germany and, for me, back home to Norway. It was a very impressive and eventful week! Thanks sis 🙂

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  1. We really had a great time and I’m very sure this was not the last time visiting NYC 😉

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